Iskustva sa Erasmus+ mobilnosti

Sara Đumić, Almerija

"The best of all is that this experience brought some benefits to me that I hadn't anticipated when I applied. There's a side of it that's specific to students coming from countries such as ours, a side which nobody really talks about. It's learning that there is a simpler way to live life; a life that doesn't include constant stress and worry about finances and what not, that most of us experience as students in Serbia. All those hours spent learning, and the anticipation of finally ending your studies just so you can search for a job that won't even pay well, if you find one at all. This is not reality in Spain. Therefore, I have a piece of advice for the upcoming generations interested in exchange: It's a life changing adventure. If your goal is to spend a few months partying, taking a break and return feeling the same, it's not going to work. Once you go through this experience, your eyes will open to everything that is wrong about your home. You'll know better, in a way, after spending a semester as an equal. Going for a student exchange is a start of a bigger adventure. Are you ready?"

Dušan Petrović, Berlin

"I spent the spring semester in 2019 as an exchange student in Poland, at the University of Warsaw. As for Warsaw itself, I was delighted with the city and its culture. All the most visited museums had free entry once a weekend that was a great opportunity to get to know the rich history of this beautiful country. At the end of the semester, I made connections with the Embassy of Serbia in Warsaw, as well as with the Lectorate of Serbian Language at the University of Warsaw, and I was invited to several receptions and scientific gatherings there. It was phenomenal to talk in Serbian with Polish students! After all, the greatest treasures of these cultural exchanges are friendships and independence, as well as self-improvement. The process can be complicated, but it is worth doing. I would recommend everyone to apply for a student exchange!"

Emilija Stojilković, Berlin

"At the Department of Slavic Studies at Humboldt University, I attended lectures on morphology and syntax of the Serbian language, and contemporary Serbian literature and they were in German – the language I did not speak at the time. It sounds like a paradox, but that experience significantly contributed to my mastering the language in general. I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to apply the knowledge I had acquired at the Faculty of Philosophy in Niš in many different researches and linguistic experiments. I left Berlin with an immense feeling of happiness and satisfaction, with a huge smile, lifelong friendships and a priceless experience."